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Print this packing list out for your next trip!

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My name is Patrick, I'm originally from Sydney (Australia) but grew up in England (my second home) - and I love exploring cities (and writing about it!)

I work online in marketing, which gives me the opportunity to travel around the world full time.

So while I am away, I keep this blog updated with full travel info. I tend to stay in a city for a few months at a time, to really get to know it - then I write guides on it.

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Ultimate Packing List for Travel (Print this checklist out before packing for your next trip)

If you need a list of things to pack before you go away travelling on your next trip, this page is for you. Below the list includes everything that you will need for a normal trip abroad.

What to pack in your suitcase...
What to pack in your suitcase...

If you are going somewhere like South East Asia or Australia you will have to ignore the thick jacket. And likewise, if you are going to Europe in the winter then you don't need to pack sun lotion! But this list covers everything - so ignore the obvious ones that don't apply to your next trip or vacation.

Show recommended items in your carry on (cabin) bag


Bus/train/plane tickets
If you are from EU, you should get an EHIC card for free medical cover in many countries
House keys
Either in a currency such as USD or Euro (and convert it when you arrive) or exchange some currency at home. Also bring credit cards or debit cards as a backup.
Don't forget this (or your ID). Check they expire at least 6 months after your return flight too, or you might not be allowed to board the plane.
Passport holder/case
Not essential, but it'll keep your passport from getting damaged
Student ID
To get discounts
Travel Insurance
Get your vaccinations sorted months before you travel
Visa documentation


Consider a money belt with a hidden zip so you can store valuables. When have you ever lost a belt...? And if you get mugged they won't steal your belt too!
Casual shirts
Rain coat, or big warm one
Flip Flops/sandals
For beaches, hot weather, and showers in hostels
Smart shirts/outfit
You might be unable to get into nightclubs or restaurants unless you have smart clothes and footwear
Swimming gear
Consider a microfibre travel towel. They are tiny, soak up lots and dry quickly
Underwear (boxers/panties/bras/socks)


Travel/wireless speakers
Get the party going in your hotel room while getting ready, or when chilling outside
Cables + USB plug sockets.
+ Cables, SD cards, tripod (recommend: Gorilla pod). See our full guide on what camera equipment to bring while travelling
And consider a headphone splitter to share a movie with someone
Laptop / Tablet
+ Charger
MP3 Player
If you are a bit old school!
Mobile Phone(s)
Unlock it, and buy a sim card when you arrive at the new destination. Bring a paperclip to release the sim card tray on iPhones. + Charger
Plug socket adapter
Spare batteries for any elecronics
E.g. Camera batteries
USB Power bank(s)
I prefer more than one, so I have a backup when the main one runs out of battery (or I forgot to charge it). It can be a lifesaver to arrive in a city when your phone has no battery and your hotel accomodation details are saved on your phone.


Anti Mosquito/bug items
Don't get bitten! Includes DEET, mosquito nets, anti insect spray, coils
Birth control, condoms
Contact Lenses
And associated liquid(s), cases
Cotton Buds
Face Cleanser/wipes
Feminine hygiene items
Hair brush, comb
Make Up
and Make up remover
Lip balm
If electronic: a plug converter
Shower Gel
Sun lotion / Sun Screen / after sun
Don't get burnt!
Tooth paste + tooth brush
Dental floss too
Travel mirror


Sewing Kit
Travel Journal
Flight / Accommodation details
Print it out! Email it to yourself! Save it on your phone! Make sure to have backups in different places, in case you lose a bag
Nail clippers
Ear plugs
Eye mask
For full darkness
First Aid Kit and tablets
Don't forget about diarrhea tablets, pain killers, travel sickness tablets
Hand sanitiser
Neck Pillow
Really comfortable!
Duct Tape
Wrap it around a pen, it will stay sticky and not take up much space
Paper or a notebook - handy for making notes
Paper clips
Bring a few - they can be useful when something gets stuck, needs poking, and of course for organising papers
Pen knife
Or scissors
Plastic bags
Bring big ones (got muddy shoes? Can put them in there) and small clear ones that are normally used for food (useful for many things, but also at airports when you have to put liquids in their own small plastic bag)
Deck of cards
Or other game(s) to entertain you. Cards are good for drinking games too
Glasses case
For your specs, or sunglasses
Safety Pins
Bring portable travel scales to weigh your bags so you aren't over the luggage allowances
Travel clothes washing detergent
And/or stain remover
Including the prescription details. Also check if they are legal in each country
A ballpoint pen can be very handy - especially if you have to fill out any visa forms. Also consider a permanent pen
Sleeping Pills
Useful on long plane journeys or in noisy hotels
Guide books
And maps
Tissues + Toilet roll
You never know when this will save you!
Wet Wipes
They are super handy

Things For Visas, Border Crossings or Car Rentals

Copies of any documentation needed
Drivers License/ID
Passport sized photo(s)
Useful when flight attendants hand out visa forms on the flight

Things to do or sort out

Book taxi to the airport
Download entertainment
Download iTunes videos, audible audiobooks, kindle ebooks, Netflix offline content to your phone so you can entertain yourself without the internet
Download offline maps for each city
Download phone apps
Download local guides, underground map, public transport, taxi, translation, currency exchange apps etc
Ensure someone knows where you will be
Let someone know your full travel plans (flights, accomodation details) in case of emergencies
Pay bills
Pay any bills that have to be sorted before you go away, so you don't have to rely on wifi to do it while away
Turn off water/unplug electronic items
If the house will be empty, make sure all windows are closed, things are unplugged that shouldn't be left on, turn off automatic heating settings or aircon etc

Anything that you think I've missed? Write a comment below.

October 22nd 2021
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Ultimate Packing List for Travel (Print this checklist out before packing for your next trip)

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Hi! I'm Patrick! I love travelling, and has been travelling most of the year for over 10 years now. Now I share my trips, tricks and advice here on

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