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15 Sept 2018: I've redesigned this site - there might be some bugs on how it displays/looks. Give me a few days to go over every page!
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About me

Hi! Welcome to Complete City Guides!

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My name is Patrick, I'm originally from Sydney (Australia) - and I love exploring cities (and writing about it!)

I work online in marketing, which gives me the opportunity to travel around the world full time.

So while I am away, I keep this blog updated with full travel info. I tend to stay in a city for a few months at a time, to really get to know it - then I write guides on it.

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Exploring Bangkok's Lumpini Park and The Monitor Lizards

Image Removal / dmca

We try and use our own photos from our own travels. Sometimes we can't (if we didn't have a good photo, or didn't take one!).

In those cases we either resort to Facebook (if it is a bar/company/club/business) and generally use the cover image. We feel this is in fair use, but if you have any issues at all we will remove it ASAP.

Other times we might look for public domain images, or creative common licensed images (such as from Flickr). We always credit (in the footer) but if you own the rights to an image and want it removed please just let us know, and we will remove it ASAP.



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About Me

I'm an Australian who has lived in Europe for most of my life. I work online, travelling with my laptop, working online and exploring cities for months at a time.

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