Top Travel Accessories and Gadgets You Need

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Hi! Welcome to Complete City Guides!

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My name is Patrick, I'm originally from Sydney (Australia) but grew up in England (my second home) - and I love exploring cities (and writing about it!)

I work online in marketing, which gives me the opportunity to travel around the world full time.

So while I am away, I keep this blog updated with full travel info. I tend to stay in a city for a few months at a time, to really get to know it - then I write guides on it.

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Best Travel Accessories and Gadgets 2016

We asked 20 travel bloggers about their most important gadget that they take with them when they are off travelling. They sent in their answers which range from power banks (the most popular item!), to travel dresses, a flag and more!

Check out their answers below - and be sure to check out their websites too!

Talon Windwalker
from 1 ​Dad 1 ​Kid

This is probably my biggest must-have gadget I use: Netgear Trek travel router.

It's been hugely helpful.

» See his full guide and review of the Trek travel router on his blog here «

Recommended Gadget from 1 Dad 1 Kid:
Travel Wifi Router

Lillie Marshall
from ​Around ​The ​World ​L

My "gadget" would be an awesome line of travel dresses I love.

» See more on this blog post on her site. «

Recommended Gadget from Around The World L:
Travel Dresses

from ​Bucket ​List ​Journey

I never travel without my Joby GorillaPod. It's a very portable tripod that is better than any selfie stick! Instead of having to ask strangers to take photos of me or seeing how far my arm can stretch, I simply set up my DSLR on the GorillaPod and with a self-timer am able to take as many snaps as needed.

Recommended Gadget from Bucket List Journey:
Joby GorillaPod

Sarah-Jane Begonja
from ​Chasing the ​Donkey

The eBags Pack-it-Flat Travel Toiletry Bag.

We love the guaranteed for life warranty that comes with this nylon, coiled zipper pack.

Hold your toiletries in 4 easily accessible compartments and use the removable hanging hook to make it into a counter-top kit once you arrive at your final destination.

» See their guide to Travel Necessities on their blog «

Recommended Gadget from Chasing the Donkey:
eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit

Cheryl Howard
from ​Cheryl​Howard​.com

My #1 travel related gadget that's always with me whenever and wherever I travel, is my trusty iPhone 6+.

I use it for absolutely everything - Google Maps to find my way around, WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and let them know I'm safe, Skype to make calls when needed, FourSquare to find cool local places, taking photos, posting to Instagram, and so much more.

I'm not sure what I'd do without my phone as it's so versatile and an important part of my daily life.

Recommended Gadget from
Apple iPhone

Alexandra Kováčová
from ​Crazy ​Sexy ​Fun ​Traveler

I always take with me Origami travel organizer which helps me to find things easier, it's so simple.

Now I never have to look for cosmetics or socks throwing all the things from the suitcase.

» Also check out her ebook: How to be FIT when traveling «

Recommended Gadget from Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler:
Origami travel organizer

from ​Dave's ​Travel ​Corner

I always travel with my Road Warrior Plug Adapter which works in nearly all countries.

It is small and lightweight - it's two parts can easily be adjusted to match whatever electrical plug of the country you are traveling in.

» Read Dave's review of the Road Warrior Plug Adaptor on his blog «

Recommended Gadget from Dave's Travel Corner:
Road Warrior Plug Adapter

Jonny Blair
from ​Don't ​Stop ​Living

For me the must have item is my Northern Ireland flag. I take it everywhere with me, it is nice to represent my small country on my travels and often people ask me about the flag, its meaning and where I am from.

The flag has its own website by now and has been to over 100 countries, being flown on every continent.

The adventures of the Travelling Northern Ireland flag are here Travelling​Northern​Ireland​Flag.​com.

Recommended Gadget from Don't Stop Living:
Northern Ireland Flag

Gary Arndt
from ​Everything ​Everywhere

My camera.

I feel naked without it.

» See more on this blog post on his site for details about his photography gear. «

Recommended Gadget from Everything Everywhere:

from ​Food and ​Photos ​Around ​The ​World

My #1 travel gadget is my Kindle Paperwhite. I love reading and a good book makes those long travel hours in busses and planes more bearable. I get it out whenever I am on a bus or on the subway. When I'm drinking a coffee or have lunch by myself, I grab my book. I couldn't leave without it.

Recommended Gadget from Food and Photos Around The World:
Kindle Paperwhite

Rachel Jones
from ​Hippie in ​Heels

I always pack my Kindle.

I was never a fan until of course I got one myself- now I'm totally converted.

I can't go anywhere without it!

It makes the transit times pass so quickly and I love to download books about the places I am traveling.

Recommended Gadget from Hippie in Heels:

Matthew Long
from ​Land ​Lopers

Power Strip – The technology of the 21st century is amazing and has changed our lives forever. However, traveling with our modern conveniences can be difficult given how many things we all have to charge.

When I travel I have to charge my: laptop, DSLR camera, pocket camera, waterproof camera, iPad and my iPhone. While I don’t mind lugging around all the wires necessary to power up my devices, it can be challenging in hotel rooms with just one or two outlets – especially if I’m traveling with my partner.

That’s why I always carry a power strip when I travel. Not only does it make living in a hotel room much easier, but it’s also easier to power up several devices anywhere. It also makes you incredibly popular in airports.

Recommended Gadget from Land Lopers:
Power Strip

Nomadic Matt
from ​Nomadic​Matt​.com

I cannot travel without my iPhone.

It's how I take photos, listen to music on long bus rides, talk to my family, find directions to my hostel, collect contact details from new friends, buy plane tickets, stay active on social media, and the list goes on!

Recommended Gadget from
Apple iPhone

Pinoy Adventurista
from ​Pinoy​Adventurista​.com

A power bank is definitely one of the most important travel gadget every traveler should have whenever on the road.

Be sure to have a fully-charged power bank with you when you travel, especially if its going to be on a remote beach or island where there is no electricity.

Recommended Gadget from
USB Power-bank

Dave and Deb
from ​The ​Planet ​D

We love the Belkin Mini surge protector.

It keeps our electronics safe from power surges and we can plug in three devices to the outlets as well as two USB charges.

It's perfect for our electronic charging needs.

Recommended Gadget from The Planet D:
Belkin Mini surge protector

Jennifer Miner
from ​The ​Vacation ​Girls

There are several items and gadgets that I consistently pack, but the newest addition to my "must haves" are extra earphones and a headphone splitter.

My kids enjoy watching the same movie on an iPad during plane travel, hence, the splitter. And earbuds are like umbrellas and sunglasses; easily misplaced, so it makes sense to have several laying around.

My family and I love to travel, but having the ability to listen to music and watch movies while en route to our destinations makes the long haul flights an almost painless part of "getting there."

Recommended Gadget from The Vacation Girls:
Extra Headphones + Headphone Splitter

Kach and Jonathan Howe
from ​Two ​Monkeys ​Travel ​Group

Aside from my iPhone, I always need to have my power bank handy! I actually have 2 now as we're often traveling overland for two days at a time!

We have also just bought some great new USB multi-chargers (from i-clever), which are super compact and save us carrying multiple plugs, or having to charge one device at a time!

Recommended Gadget from Two Monkeys Travel Group:
USB Power bank

Audrey Scott
from ​Uncornered ​Market

We always have earplugs with us when traveling. A good night's sleep always important, but especially so when on the road.

Even if you think your hotel or apartment is quiet, you never know when there might be a church with loud bells nearby, a rogue rooster who decides to crow all night, or a festival on the street filled with firecrackers all night.

That's where high quality earplugs save the day.

Recommended Gadget from Uncornered Market:

Dr. Jessie Voigts
from ​Wandering ​Educators

I always travel with a book!

It has to be print (never loses power), and preferably something long, to keep me interested during long travel times, while waiting, or if I can't sleep (or, need downtime from all the hecticness of travel)!

Recommended Gadget from Wandering Educators:

Brian and Noelle
from ​Wandering ​On

Due to our nomadic lifestyle, we travel with everything we need, including a lot of electronics such as cameras, GoPro, smartphones, power banks, laptops and so on. While each of these items are essential to keep our travel blog alive, keeping them safe is just as important.

To do this, we travel with a Pacsafe travelsafe. When we're out of our room, we can easily lock up all of our valuables and know that they are safe and secure. The safe is quite robust and if nothing else, acts as a real deterrent for any would-be thief - we just lock it onto a secure fixing point such as a pipe or the bed and we're good to go. Knowing that our electronics and passports are secure gives us great peace of mind when we are out exploring a new area

Recommended Gadget from Wandering On:
Pacsafe Travelsafe

Thanks to everyone who took part! Please be sure to visit their sites, read their blogs and follow them on Facebook and Twitter! (While you are at it, Follow us on Twitter (@CCityGuides) or check out our Facebook page

September 27th 2021
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Top Travel Accessories and Gadgets You Need

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Hi! I'm Patrick! I love travelling, and has been travelling most of the year for over 10 years now. Now I share my trips, tricks and advice here on

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