Venice City Guide

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Welcome to our travel guide to Venice, covering all the basics that you need to know!

About Venice - basic info

Venice Canals

Venice is a very charming and lovely place to visit. Everywhere is walkable on foot, and you can have fun just wandering the many backstreets.

It isn't a cheap place - it is completely full of tourists and the locals know they can ramp up the prices of everything. However, it is in my opinion somewhere that everyone should see at least once!

Key facts about Venice
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Italian, however English is very widely spoken

Getting to Venice

By Plane

There are two main airports:

Treviso Airport - used by Ryanair, Wizzair and other budget airlines

Venice Marco Polo Airport - used by most other airlines

  • 12 km from venice.
  • Better links to Venice

By boat

Lots of cruises arrive at Venice every day. Here is a good guide.

Where to stay in Venice?

There are two main options:

  • Stay on the island itself - this is what I would recommend. Everywhere is walkable. We would recommend staying somewhere near the train or bus station, so you won't have far to walk. Remember you have to drag your suitcase along all the roads and bridges. (There are porters who you can pay to do the carrying for you). Somewhere in the north part of the island (Cannaregio) would be ideal, in my opinion. If you stay near the main square (Piazza San Marco) you will have a lot of walking to do when you get off the train or bus. Of course, staying on the island means higher prices for accomodation. At night the city is quiet, which is nice. Of course, there is almost no nightlife to be seen or heard in Venice!
  • Stay on the mainland - it is a short and easy trip into the island of Venice, and prices are much cheaper for accomodation on the mainland.

Venice Public Transport

Obviously for a city that has no cars or roads, the main way to get around is to either walk to use some of the boat options.

  • Gondola Rides - just for tourists. €80 for 30 minutes (€100 after 7pm)
  • Traghetto - cheap boats (same as gondola boats) that are used as public transport from one side of the river to the other. Basically a 90 second gondolar ride for €2 per person. You will share it with other tourists and locals.
  • Vaporetti (water bus) - expensive for one trip (€7.50 for 75 minutes) but the 24 hour passes are worth it, so you can see some nearby islands (Murano and Burano). Also good for starting at one end of the Grand Canal and going all the way up (or down) it!
  • Water taxis - expensive, most tourists don't use water taxis.

Remember that you can just walk to most places! Venice is a nice city to get lost in backstreets in!

View our full guide to public transport in Venice, including how to use boats and the prices (updated in 2018)

Venice Nightlife

Venice is not known for its nightlife. You aren't going to find many pubs here, and no clubs. This isn't a party town!

You can find live performences at nights in some cafe/bars. But if you are looking to get drunk, then you should check out other places in Italy!

The Main Venice Tourist Attractions

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