Krakow's Top Tourist Attractions

Krakow is home to many tourist attractions, and can keep you entertained for days.

Most visitors to Kraków check out the Main Square, the Cloth Hall (in the middle of the square), the St Mary's Church (which is on one of the corners of the main square), the Wawel Castle, and of course the many restaurants, bars and pubs that Kraków has to offer!

There are plenty of free walking tours (most leave from the main square, near the St Mary's Church or near Hard Rock Cafe) that can give an interesting and unique view into the history of Kraków. But you can also walk and explore it by yourself!

Here are some of the most popular and best tourist attractions - click on the photos to read more about them.

Other tourist attractions

These tourist attractions are not quite so popular, but we still recommend checking them out if you have time in Krakow...

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