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Passports of the World

Although most passports are instantly recognisable as a passport, there is a huge variation in how they look.

Passport Facts:

(Just want to see the photos of the more interesting passports? Scroll down, past this section...)

American are getting more nd more passports every year

20 years ago the US Department of State issued only 5.5 million passports. 2 years ago, in 2014, 14 million passports were issued.

Turkey is the most expensive country to get a passport

It currently costs TRY620.60 (c. USD215) for a 10-year passport

Queen Elizabeth II doesn't need a passport

As British passports are issued by Her Majesty, she doesn't need to issue one to herself!

Face tattoos, significant weight loss or facial cosmetic surgery can require a new passport photo

Otherwise no one will believe you are the same person as in the photo

Most Passports have between 25-60 pages

Modern US passports have 52 pages, but only 43 of those are blank

Most passports have a red colour

As you will see below! But many are a blue or purple colour too

The are the most powerful passports

According to, the UK and USA passports are the most powerful, allowing easy access to 147 countries

And the five least powerful passports are...

  • Myanmar [Burma],
  • Solomon Islands,
  • Palestinian Territories,
  • Sao Tome and Principe,
  • and South Sudan

Each of these passports allows easy access to 28 countries, according to

Here are some of the most different looking and most interesting front covers of various passports from all over the world.

Algerian passportShow credit

Algerian passport

Argentine passportShow credit

Argentine passport

Armenian passportShow credit

Armenian passport

Australian PassportShow credit

Australian Passport

Belarusian passportShow credit

Belarusian passport

Bolivian PassportShow credit

Bolivian Passport

Bosnian passportShow credit

Bosnian passport

British passportShow credit

British passport

Chinese passportShow credit

Chinese passport

Czech passportShow credit

Czech passport

Democratic People's Republic of Korea passportShow credit

Democratic People

Dutch passportShow credit

Dutch passport

East Timorese passportShow credit

East Timorese passport

Egyptian PassportShow credit

Egyptian Passport

Estonian passportShow credit

Estonian passport

Gabonese passportShow credit

Gabonese passport

Georgian passportShow credit

Georgian passport

German passportShow credit

German passport

Greek PassportShow credit

Greek Passport

Hungarian passportShow credit

Hungarian passport

Icelandic PassportShow credit

Icelandic Passport

Indian PassportShow credit

Indian Passport

Indonesian passportShow credit

Indonesian passport

Iranian PassportShow credit

Iranian Passport

Iraqi PassportShow credit

Iraqi Passport

Kazakhstani passportShow credit

Kazakhstani passport

Kenyan passportShow credit

Kenyan passport

Lebanese passportShow credit

Lebanese passport

Liechtenstein passportShow credit

Liechtenstein passport

Luxembourgish passportShow credit

Luxembourgish passport

Macao Special Administrative Region passportShow credit

Macao Special Administrative Region passport

Maltese passportShow credit

Maltese passport

Marshallese passportShow credit

Marshallese passport

Mexican PassportShow credit

Mexican Passport

Micronesia passportShow credit

Micronesia passport

Mozambican PassportShow credit

Mozambican Passport

Pakistani passportShow credit

Pakistani passport

Polish passportShow credit

Polish passport

Republic of Korea passportShow credit

Republic of Korea passport

Russian PassportShow credit

Russian Passport

Serbian passportShow credit

Serbian passport

Slovak passportShow credit

Slovak passport

Sri Lankan PassportShow credit

Sri Lankan Passport

Swiss passportShow credit

Swiss passport

Taiwan ROC PassportShow credit

Taiwan ROC Passport

Tajik passportShow credit

Tajik passport

Tonga passportShow credit

Tonga passport

Transnistrian passportShow credit

Transnistrian passport

Turkmenistan passportShow credit

Turkmenistan passport

Tuvaluan PassportShow credit

Tuvaluan Passport

Ukrainian passportShow credit

Ukrainian passport

United Nations laissez-passerShow credit

United Nations laissez-passer

United States passportShow credit

United States passport

Vanuatu passportShow credit

Vanuatu passport

Venezuelan passportShow credit

Venezuelan passport

Yemen passportShow credit

Yemen passport

Also a special mention should go to the Vatican Passport - check out details here. Only 150 of them are issued!

The Interpol passport/ID card is interesting, too.

Spotted an error? Think you know of an interesting looking passport? Get in touch and let us know.

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Sun 26th March, 2017

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