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StrapMount - GoPro Backpack Mount Travel Gear Photo

StrapMount - GoPro Backpack Mount

The Strapmount from Polar Pro Filters is the best mount you will find for attaching a GoPro to you.

The chest and head mounts probably get better footage - but you look ridiculous.

With the Strapmount you can walk around town filming everything - with easy access to the controls (assuming you have a backpack on!).

It has a quick release switch too, so you can easily take the camera off and film properly. The part of the quick release that is attached to the camera (the other half is attached to your backpack strap) has a 1 inch squared flat base, so it means you can also use it as a stand on any flat surface (you can adjust the tilt, so you can angle it at something). This is really useful, the strapmount attachment is always fixed to my GoPro unless I'm using another mount.

10/10, recommend!

BTW with the GoPro HERO6 black's good built in stabilisation the footage is quite good when you are wearing this. To make the footage better you can easily hold it with one arm and walk around.


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