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Osprey Farpoint 80

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review: Introduction

While I do believe that it is good to pick a small backpack so that you end up not taking too much stuff and have less to carry, you can't always get away with taking just one small bag. Especially if you travel with a lot of extra equipment such as cameras, lenses, gimbals, laptops, chargers, and so on.

Sometimes you just need a huge backpack!

If really do decide that you need a bigger bag then the Osprey Farpoint 80 is the one I recommend.

I've had mine for almost a year now, and I have absolutely no complaints about it.

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review: Details about the bag

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review (red colour)

It holds 80 liters (in the M/L version - the S/M holds 76L but still carries the name of "Farpoint 80"). 80 liters is a lot!

It comes in three colours: Black ("Volcanic Grey"), Red and some shops carry a blue version.

The front panel has a zip that goes all the way around - you can unzip this and get full access to everything inside the large main compartment. This is a very important feature for me and makes traveling with this bag so much easier. I have seen people struggle to get into those hiking style bags (where you access everything through a drawstring hole at the top). This is a backpack designed for travelers who go from one city to another.

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review: Lockable Zips, a bit of added security

The zips are lockable (you have to provide your own padlock, but no bag comes with its own padlock!) - another very important feature. Sometimes you have to leave bags somewhere, and although anyone could use a knife to break into a padlocked bag, it stops opputunist thieves.

In addition the zips that come with this Osprey bag have their own interlocking system. It isn't secure, but means the zips won't accidentally come apart.

Close up of the Osprey logo on the red farpoint 80 backpack

There are 2 large front mesh pockets, which I often used for water bottles and snacks.

Osprey and its pockets

There are a couple of large pockets near the top of the bag. They hold a large amount of stuff, but of course whatever you put in these means you can't use that space in the actual main compartment. But it is great for organising your bag and keeping small, lose items in an easy to find place.

At the bottom of the bag is a zip section, I used it for keeping flip flops, shoes and snorkeling equipment. It is loosely separated from the main compartment, but you can remove this separation if you need to.

You can see the bottom panel here. Bottom panel

On the inside of the bag it is basically one big compartment (with some zip access parts on the sides and behind the front panel).

Zipped up back side

The fabric on the inside is bright green - which is a good feature to have. My normal 44L bag is black and sometimes it can be hard to see what is inside the bag because it is so dark.

On the back of the front panel is a very large mesh pocket. It has no dividers inside it, so anything you put here will move around a lot. I wish this was split into smaller pockets as it is just too big to organise anything.

Mesh inside front panel

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review: Straps, Handles and Hippest

So it has some nice features in terms of pockets and storage space. But what about the straps and hippest? Comfort is very important.

Padded hip straps

For carrying the bag there are a couple of handles (on the top, and on the side).

They're in a good position and mostly important they are very heavily padded so you can get a good grip and hold the bag without it becoming uncomfortable. Remember - this holds 80L so it is very easy to pack 30kg or more of stuff inside it.

The straps and hip belt are padded too. One of the few complaints I have about this bag is that I wish there was a zip pocket on the hip belt for easy access to small items. But this isn't a big problem to be missing this feature.

There are lots of straps to hold everything down tight. They also fold away - but more on that in a bit.

When carrying this on my back I never felt any discomfort. I was normally carrying almost exactly 27KG (thanks to the 20L checked in allowance and 7KG carry on allowance that I kept bumping into) and had no problems.

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review: Packing it for a flight

The back side - normally:
Osprey Farpoint 80 - back side
And after unrolling the back panel (it is hidden at the very bottom of the bag) zipping it up
Zipped up back side ready for airports etc

Another reason why I hate traveling with those hiker style bags is that they aren't designed for airports. They are full of straps that just hang down. The Osprey Farpoint 80 has those straps to hold everything tight - but it also includes little clips so you can tuck away the lose ends of the straps.

On the back of the bag, the shoulder straps can be folded away and a pack panel zipped up so it resembles a duffel bag (gym bag) with no straps. This is perfect for checking this luggage at the airport. No worrying about your bag getting ruined because your bag's strap got stuck in a conveyer belt.

I've compared the Osprey Farpoint 80 with some other similar ones (sorry, I didn't check their model names) and I can really say that I think this Farpoint is the best of its kind and I haven't seen anything better.

Close up logo of the travel backpack

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review: Other Features

The Farpoint 80 has the "Zip-Off Daypack" attachments, which means you can attach a small day pack. I haven't tested this, as I don't feel the need to add more storage capacity but it is a nice feature to have.

Osprey Farpoint 80 Review: Overall

I really recommend this Osprey backpack for travelling with (assuming you are aware that you know this is a BIG backpack).

It has very few negative features, and it feels as solid as anything. I have never worried that the material might break or a strap might fall off. It is the perfect bag to go backpacking with, especially if you need to check it in for some flights.

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