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Metz Cabin Backpack

This bag is perfect for anyone who travels with just one bag on planes. It means you can carry it on with you, and it is the maximum size for most airlines (so you are making the most of the available size restriction!)

It has a massive 44 litre capacity, and measures in at 55x40x20cm.

Airlines change the rules all the time when it comes with maximum dimensions, but for now this is within the limits of almost all major airlines (but check before you get this with your local airlines).

I've personally had this bag for many years, and it has held up very well. I even use it to go grocery shopping with - it feels like an bottomless pit, it is so huge and can hold a massive amount inside it.

There are two main sections (plus another thing section suitable only for things like papers). There isn't much in terms of organisation or different pockets. But this means that you get to use all 44 litres of interior space.

It is cheap too! I got it a few years ago for around £25. Now it is £20. I definitely recommend this.

(This was not a paid review or anything - I bought this with my own money many years ago).

In Depth Cabin Max 44L Metz Backpack Review

Airlines restrict you to certain dimensions when it comes to what luggage you can carry on with you onto the plane. So why not make full use of that? This bag, from Cabin Max, is the maximum dimensions of most airlines (55x40x20cm). I've had this bag for around 7 or 8 years, and it has gone on many thousands of miles of travel. So what do I think of it (hint: I recommend it to everyone)? Find out in this review of the Cabin Max Metz 28L bag!

Like all reviews on this website, this is a genuine review. This hasn't been paid for (I bought the Metz bag years ago). The bag looks a bit old in the photos - because I've had it for years and it has had constant use! Also please note that any photos of the logo on the bag is intentionally covered with a black pen - I like to hide any brands/logos on bags or other equipment. You can see the original logo on the pics I've obviously grabbed from their website! :)
Cabin Max Promo Pic
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What is it?

It is a somewhat cheap backpack (priced at only £27 on their website, $48 on amazon US as of March 2018) that is made specifically for travelling by plane with just one carry on bag.

It is made to be the maximum carry-on baggage dimensions for most airlines, so you can take the maximum amount of things with you in your bag.

I haven't measured it but they claim that it has 44 liters of storage space inside the bag. This is the maximum you'll find for backpacks that that you can on most airlines as carry on luggage.

I've been using mine for years. I first ordered mine in 2012 on Amazon (back then at only £24). It has had constant use travelling and flying all over the place, and including regular trips to supermarkets when I'm at home (this bag can hold around 2 shopping baskets worth of groceries so I always take it!).

What features does the Cabin Max Metz bag have?

As well as two normal straps (which to be honest are not super comfy but they are padded enough that it has never really caused me problems) and a handle on both the top and side of the bag, its biggest and main feature is of course the huge amount of storage space.

There is one huge main section, a smaller section and a thin front panel (which is only useful for keeping things like paper in there, it isn't very deep).

Cabin Max Metz 44L Bag
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The bigger main section doesn't have any additional pockets. But that is good, because you can open it up and have access to every last bit of space.

The smaller section has some pockets inside it to help keep things organised. They don't waste much space, and are handy to keep things in their place.

Cabin Max Metz 44L Interior Photo
Pic from

I have the black version, however they have a range of colour options.

Cabin Max Metz 44L Color Options


  • Lots of space
  • Strong - it has lasted years
  • I've also never been asked to weigh or check the dimensions of my bag at airports - it doesn't stick out as a huge bag
  • Cheap!
  • Comes in a range of colours


  • The straps can get a bit uncomfortable after long days of walking with it on your back
  • There are not many pockets or ways to organise your stuff inside the bag

So in summary, what do I think of it?

As I've been using it for over half a decade it should be obvious that I think this is a very good bag.

If you ever fly with only carry on then you need a bag like this. I've noticed (especially when travelling in Europe) that you occasionally see other travellers with these bags. I completely recommend this bag.

They have a lot of alternatives on their website, including the more expensive Equator 2.0 (UK? See the UK version here) which has slightly more storage space and lots more pockets. I have been considering trying out lately however it is very hard to find Cabin Max bags in shops and there are no reviews of that bag online. So for now I'll stick with the Metz for all my carry on only flights!

They also have a smaller 30L version here.

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