Krakow Top Tips

  • Try and break big notes (100zł and 200zł) as quick as possible into smaller notes, as it can be hard to buy cheap items with large notes!
  • Do not say 'thank you' when waiters/waitresses collect the money at restaurants. They will keep the change as a tip. Just say nothing, they will bring the full change, then you can leave whatever tip you want. (See more money tips here)
  • Some taxi companies can be very expensive. Things to avoid:
    • In the main square on weekends at night there are some 'nightclub' taxis. Avoid them. They are expensive and are really there to get you into strip clubs
    • Make sure when you get in a taxi that they run the meter. It won't stop them going a long route, but sometimes they might tell you a price (which will be higher than it should be) and refuse to run the meter
    • To get from the main square to most places that people stay it shouldn't be more than 30zł. Of course, this depends on where your hotel is...
    • The best companies to use are Mega Taxi and iCar
  • (See more taxi info here)

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