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Momotown Hostel

Momotown Hostel

From their own description:

Let us introduce ourselves: around since 2005, we not only have everything backpackers need, but quite often go beyond. You can choose from complete selection of rooms: from singles with bathrooms to 12-bedded dorms. Unlike other good Krakow’s hostels we have a lot of space both outside (BBQ area and parking lots for 5 cars) and inside (big rooms, showers, kitchen and common room).

Krakow is a very beautiful ancient town, and our location gives you the best combination of the past and the present. We are minutes walk away from all major sights, in a part known for a vibrant local nightlife called Kazimierz. We like parties too, so we organise one every couple of days, or when there is an urgent necessity ;)


Ul. Miodowa 28, Krakow, Poland


+48 12 429 69 29

Location in Krakow




Map of Momotown Hostel in Krakow

Ul. Miodowa 28, Krakow, Poland

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