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Let's Rock

Let's Rock

From their own description:

Let's Rock! is located right in the middle oft he city just a few steps from the Main Market Square and Wawel Castle. The Jewish District of Kazimierz is just 10 minutes walk away

In our fully equipped kitchen for our guests we offer free breakfast every morning, tea and coffee all day

Guests of the Let's Rock Hostel Krakow can enjoy daily events like "Polish vodka tasting", "Sangria", "Karaoke" and more.


Ul. Grodzka 34, Krakow, Poland


+48 12 430 30 53

Location in Krakow

Old Town



Map of Let's Rock in Krakow

Ul. Grodzka 34, Krakow, Poland

Please contact us to submit discount codes for Let's Rock, Kraków, Poland.

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