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Hotel Senacki

Hotel Senacki

In Krakow, in the very centre, on Grodzka Street – where the old, noisy, narrow streets, covered with cobble, full of cafés, restaurants and small shops, run radially from the square, there is an intimate, boutique hotel with a unique tradition and atmosphere. Polish monarchs covered this former Royal Route straight on their way to Wawel.

Beautiful, historic tenement house and the Main Square within easy reach, as well as luxurious, stylish interior with a soul and delicious Polish cuisine.


Ul. Grodzka 51, Krakow, Poland


+48 12 422 76 86

Location in Krakow

Old Town





Map of Hotel Senacki in Krakow

Ul. Grodzka 51, Krakow, Poland

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