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English Football Club

English Football Club

The English Football Club bar in Old Town is popular with tourists who want to watch English football and other sports.

It is a minutes walk away from the main square, and is always busy when big matches are on.

From their site:

The English Football Club has three air conditioned rooms and a beer garden where you can enjoy a selection of good Polish beers and flavoured vodkas, cider and draft Guinness in a friendly welcoming atmosphere.

We have Sky TV and Polish sports channels showing on four TV’s and a large screen projector, you can watch International football including Champions League and Europa League as well as games from English, Scottish Irish, Polish, Spanish, Italian and German Leagues. We also show international rugby and Six Nations games.

Stag and hen parties can be organised and our friendly staff encourage parties to come in fancy dress, especially parties from the UK.

The club has a huge selection of English songs and will play requests, if we don’t have the song you want we will download it if possible.


Ul. Mikolajska 5, Krakow, Poland


+48 12 421 01 49

Location in Krakow

Old Town



Map of English Football Club in Krakow

Ul. Mikolajska 5, Krakow, Poland

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