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Chernobyl Basic Info - info about the Chernobyl accident and tours

Info about Chernobyl, that you may or may not already know!

  • The accident was not a nuclear explosion!
  • It was an explosion (and fire) in a nuclear power station - but it wasn't a nuclear explosion
  • The disaster happened at 1.23am on Saturday 26th April 1986
  • There was a chemical explosion at the station's 4th reactor, and then a graphite fire which released a lot of radiation into the area.
  • Officially 31 people died - but this was in the times of the Soviet rule (so you can't really trust their official figures). Recent estimates put it into the thousands who died (and many more who have life long injuries thanks to the nuclear radiation).
  • There is no nuclear radiation leaking anymore from the reactor, but the whole area is still not completely safe.
  • The power station is still active, and people work there.
  • There are many tour companies who will sell you tours from Kiev. They will pick you up (either from your hotel or from the city center) and drive you there (110 miles from Kiev). Then (usually) a tour guide will join you.

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