Zadar Top Tips

Don't just stick to the most advertised restaurants

If you go and explore some back streets you can find some awesome, tasty and much cheaper restaurants. It is rare to find awful food in Zadar, especially if you like sea food. Go and explore, find something in a side street and you'll have a great experience (and it'll probably save a lot of kuna).

Want to see some awesome nightlife?

Consider a day trip down to Split. It takes a few hours on a coach, but Split has some really great nightlife.

Check the weather

Doing boat day trips is highly recommended. But make sure you do it when there is nice weather - you don't want to book a trip then on the day find out it is raining hard all day!

Check out the sunset!

The sunset in Zadar has been rated multiple times as the best one in the world.

Even Alfred Hitchcock said "The sunset of Zadar is the world's most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida".

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