From their own description:

GLOBTROTER is a small comfortable and truly unique Guest House.

When coming to stay with us, do not expect congress halls, shop arcades and so on... Instead, you can expect friendly pleased-to-help, multi-lingual and informative staff, who will do their utmost to make you feel that
Our Home is Your Home!

Is to make You - our Guest - feel at ease and relaxed, so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest and discover the delights of our beautiful city.

We provide you with maximum comfort and great family atmosphere at a price that will not damage your pocket!

We love Kraków and we would like YOU to love it too.... and you know, between me and you - I think that you will!


Plac Szczepanski 7/15, Krakow, Poland


+48 124 224 123

Location in Krakow

Old Town



Map of Globtroter in Krakow

Plac Szczepanski 7/15, Krakow, Poland

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