Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)

Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)

The Cloth Hall ("Sukiennice" in Polish) is the middle of the big Main Square. It dates back to the Renaissance times and is a well known tourist landmark in Krakow.

Since 1978 it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Back in the 15th century the cloth hall was used to trade goods (such as spices, leather, silk, etc), especially items from the east. Local traders used it to export salt from the Wieliczka Salt Mine, lead, textiles and more.

Nowadays it is home to a bunch of mini 'stalls', that mostly cater for tourists. You can buy things such as tourist tshirts, magnets, real fur items, hand carved wooden items (including chess sets), amber jewelry and more.

It is right in the middle of the main square, so it is very hard to miss!

Under the cloth hall you can find the Krakow's Rynek Underground Museum.


Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), Krakow, Poland

Map of Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) in Krakow

Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), Krakow, Poland

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Cloth Hall (Sukiennice):Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)


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