Krakow Airports

There is one airport in Krakow. Find their website here. Its full name is "John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice", and is located in the village/area called "Balice". The Polish word for airport is "lotnisko".

It is located about 12km from the main square in Krakow. By taxis it will take about 20-25 minutes. Getting a bus takes slightly longer (around 30-35 min).

Taxis between Krakow Airport and City Center

If you get a taxi from the ones waiting outside the airport you will pay between 60-100zł to get to the city center. If you book a taxi from a cheaper company you will pay about 30-40zł. (see our Krakow Taxi page for more details). Uber will be around this price (possibly slightly more expensive). There is wifi at the airport, and using uber avoids having to call up a Polish taxi company on the phone. If you book a taxi that isn't the official airport taxi's you will generally need to wait outside the Hilton hotel, as that is the place where taxis seem to like to pickup from.

Busses Between Krakow Airport and the City Center

Check on for bus times. You will need to get a one-way zone II ticket (see our public transport in Krakow page for details/help).

Look for bus routes 208 or 292.

Train from Airport to Main train station

As of late 2015 there is a train station right outside the airport, so you can now get a train direct into town. The Main Train station it will take you to is about 5 min walk from the main square.

Katowice Airport

There is also another nearby airport called Katowice Airport. It takes about 40-50 minutes by car/taxi to travel between Krakow and Katowice Airport. Katowice airport has lots of alternative routes (and often cheaper than flying from Krakow).

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